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Heritage Manor Craft Fair Raises Money for Chisholm Food Shelf

2019 Annual Craft Fair

Heritage Manor held it’s annual craft fair last weekend in our beautiful Park Addition. There were 18 vendors and many people that attended. We served taco in a bag or chili with the proceeds of the lunch sales going to the Chisholm Food Shelf. This year $700.00 was raised. Thank you to all the people that came out to attend our event. A special thank you to all of the volunteers, vendors, and Tina Janezich for coordinating another successful event.

Tina Janezich attends Kind Dining Training

Tina Janezich attends Kind Dining Training as part of Nutrition and Optimal Weight (NOW) Grant Implementation

Tina Janezich attended Kind Dining training April 9-11 facilitated by Cindy Heilman, CEO of Higher Standards and Creator of Kind Dining.  Kind Dining is a meal service method based on hospitality and “bringing warmth to the table.”  This program will provide staff the knowledge and tools necessary to enhance the dining experience for residents by promoting person-centered care and nurturing a healthy sense of community and service.  Tina will train the staff of Heritage Manor in the concepts, practices, and standards of Kind Dining.  Heritage Manor is committed to improving the dining experience for our residents to reduce the number of residents experiencing unintended or unexplained weight loss.    

Heritage Manor Starts 2019 off with a New Dining and Nutrition Services Improvement Project

Heritage Manor, an affiliate of St. Francis Health Services of Morris (SFHS), is pleased to announce the beginning of their Nutrition and Optimal Weight (NOW) Project. Over the next two years, Heritage Manor, will work collaboratively with related SFHS long term care centers to improve the overall dining experience and the nutritional status of individuals receiving services at Heritage Manor. The NOW Project is a result of SFHS’s long term care collaborative being awarded a Minnesota Nursing Facility Performance-based Incentive Payment Program (PIPP) grant by the Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS). The goal is to reduce the number of residents experiencing unexplained weight loss, increase resident and family food satisfaction, improve resident’s overall nutritional status, and to allow individuals receiving services to achieve optimal health, functioning, and wellbeing. The NOW Project will provide Heritage Manor with additional resources to make positive system improvements to support good nutritional outcomes for individuals receiving services, focusing on each individual’s preferences and needs. A big component will be implementing the Kind Dining program to improve dining room service. We hope to create an optimal environment in which food can be enjoyed.